114 guests

40 rooms

Free WiFi

Pet Friendly

Only 9 Rooms

Swimming Pools

Conference Facilities

We are proud to be one of the first established Guesthouses in Bloemfontein, SINCE 1993.

Our Guesthouse stretches over seven properties, with wide open spaces and lots of parking. Our rooms and facilities are diverse, and we can accommodate from VIP persons to business travelers, families, small/large groups, and even long term accommodation needs.

Located in the peaceful suburb of Universitas we are close to the N1 highway approximately 1.5km. We are in the vicinity of the University of the Free State, Grey College, Eunice Girls School, the Stadium s and Universitas Hospital to name the least.
Across the street from us within walking distance is a small shopping centre for your convenience.

Tel: 051 522 5008

50 Scholtz St,
Bloemfontein, 9321